December 22, 2017

June 23, 2017

Even royalty rides on boats made of VENDIA

Teno Boat from Utsjoki, Northern Finland makes traditional boats to Lapland rivers to be used for salmon fishing and river safaris. The boat is known for its’ long and narrow shape which is ideal for flowing Lapland rivers. The boats are mainly sold to northern rivers around Scandinavia, such as Teno, Tornio, Kemi, Kalix, Alta and Namsen rivers.

In May 2017 Teno Boat has built a boat made of VENDIA marine plank which has been sold to adventure company Sorrisniva to Northern Norway. The boat is intended to use for river safaris in the largest fjord of Northern Europe, Alta river. The landscape on the route is magnificent. You can read more about the safaris from Sorrisniva’s website. We also heard rumours that the king of Norway will get on board to this brand new boat this summer. We believe that such a beautiful boat would offer a pleasant cruise for His Majesty!

Teno river boat can also be made of mahogany VENDIA

May 15, 2017

VENDIA in Wooden Boat Magazine

VENDIA has been mentioned in Wooden Boat article about marine plywood written by John C. Harris. The latest issue of Wooden Boat Magazine is comparing the variriety of modern wooden boat building materials and VENDIA is one of them. You can read the whole article behind the link >>

February 15, 2017

”Working with wood is a good way of switching off”

Former lawyer, Ewan from Scotland found that running his own law firm for about forty years was quite stressful way of life and working with wood was a good way of switching off. Ewan had built his first boat in 1986 and now he is building his eighth boat, Kotik. Kotik is a boat model designed by Iain Oughtred and a stretched version of his Wee Seal. It’s a small double-ended cruising yacht with a gaff rig. “I will also install a stove to keep warm in harbour”, says Ewan. He has built different boats in every few years but the favourite is always the one you are building just now. The present one, Kotik, is also the most challenging. 

Picture by Ewan

Ewan will use VENDIA marine plank for the hull. He had read about VENDIA and liked the idea of plywood that had been made without destroying the natural structure of the wood. “VENDIA has proved to be very flexible and the quality is consistently excellent. It is suitable for this boat model because it enables quite tight curves”, says Ewan. 

Picture by Ewan

Picture by Ewan

You can follow the progress of Kotik from Ewan’s blog >>

January 17, 2017

Mahogany smelling package to Pargas

Michael, studying boatbuilding at Livia Vocational school has started a boatbuilding project in which he will use mahogany VENDIA as a material. In Decemeber a package of mahogany VENDIA marine plank left from our factory to Pargas, Finland. We really look forward to see what kind of boat will be created from the planks. You can follow Michael’s project from his blog: