June 29, 2015

VENDIA is now available also with mahogany face veneer!

VENDIA marine plank is now available also with mahogany face veneer. Body of the marine plank is still made of Finnish old-grown pine, but now we can offer sliced mahogany (khaya) veneer as a face veneer option. VENDIA marine plank with the mahogany face veneer is available on special order and delivery time for the product is approximately three weeks from the order. Other face veneer options are also possible.

mahogany, vendia

mahogany, vendia

Please contact us by e-mail (vendia@vendia.fi) and request an offer.

June 18, 2015

Veneer slicing video

We have been asked what the veneer slicing means in practice. Rotary cut veneer is more familiar for the most of us, whereas the veneer slicing is a quite unfamiliar method to produce veneers. We have been writing about the differences between sliced veneer and rotary cut veneer in this post. However we also shot a video how the veneer slicing happens and what is a starting point of VENDIA marine plank. Let the video speak for itself.