July 04, 2014

The first VENDIA boat

The first boat made of VENDIA marine plank was built at the Ingman College of Crafts and Design in January 2014. A new type of marine plank received a great interest and it was seen as a welcome novelty in addition to the traditional plywood. At first glance VENDIA is incredibly beautiful as a material, describes Ilmo Koivisto, the builder of first VENDIA boat. The VENDIA marine plank is beautiful and knot-free pine, which has been difficult to find as a material for boat building.

The boat has been designed by a boat designer Jarmo Häkkinen and the model is called Venla. It is built by a boatbuilding teacher Ilmo Koivisto. Koivisto praises the workability of  the marine plank. VENDIA is easy to bend and it bends much easier than traditional plywood, says Koivisto.

VENDIA marine plank made of sliced veneers has only two crosswise veneers, which makes it easy to work with the chamfers and rabbets.

Picture from left Ilmo Koivisto, Jarmo Parviainen and Johannes Leppävuori.

The finished boat has got plenty of admiration also from the audience. Especially the beautiful appearance of raw-material has gained admiration, says Koivisto. Beautiful, knot-free surface makes the boat look neat.

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