July 23, 2014

Sulkava Rowing Race

VENDIA was present at Sulkava Rowing Race from Friday to Saturday on 11.-12.7.2014. On VENDIA’s stand people got a chance to explore a new type of marine plank and also to admire a wooden boat made of quarter cut VENDIA marine plank. There were lots of people visiting on the stand because of the opportunity to participate to the draw, where the prize was this wooden boat.

This wooden boat is manufactured by a boatbuilding students Johannes Leppävuori and Jarmo Parviainen from Ingman College of Crafts and Design. The boat is designed by a boatdesigner Jarmo Häkkinen and the model is called Venla. The material used on the boat is quarter cut VENDIA marine plank.

The wooden boat and also VENDIA marine plank as a material attracted wide admiration among the visitors especially because of the appearance of the marine plank. Visitors liked the beautiful and knot-free surface of the marine plank. Also the boatbuilders visited on the presentation stand praised the assertiveness and bendability of VENDIA marine plank.

Saimaa ringed seal also liked VENDIA marine plank. Luontoliitto was photographing there material for their campaign about preserving the Saimaa ringed seals. Also VENDIA got a chance to get a picture with Saimaa ringed seal.

The winner for the wooden boat was drew on Saturday on 12th July at 18.00 pm. The lucky winner and new owner for the boat is Terttu Tuominen from Salo. The previous day Terttu participated in Sulkava Rowing Race of 60 km and she told that winning the boat topped of her Sulkava Rowing Race event. Before the win she has told to her acquaintances that winning this beautiful boat would be her dream come true. Now Terttu told us that she has rowed a lot with this boat. We also heard that the boat is easy and light to row.

Congratulations to Terttu and have a pleasant rowing with the new boat!  

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