March 13, 2015

Next generation of VENDIA marine plank

The new version of VENDIA marine plank, VENDIA Pro, was introduced at Helsinki International Boat Show on February 2015. Thinner cross veneers and extra lengthwise core veneer are the differences compared to the first generation of VENDIA marine plank. The new structure still ensures that the plank does not crack and the thinner cross veneers make the edge even tighter and increase the longitudinal stiffness of the marine plank. Thickness of VENDIA Pro is 9 mm but it meets the longitudinal stiffness of 12 mm solid plank. 

Compared to the first generation of 9 mm VENDIA marine plank, VENDIA Pro has eight veneer layers in total instead of seven in the normal VENDIA marine plank. VENDIA Pro consists of six lengthwise and two cross veneers, whereas normal 9 mm VENDIA marine plank consists of five lengthwise and two cross veneers. Lengthwise core veneers are still 1.2 mm thick in VENDIA Pro but cross veneers are now thinner, only 0.6 mm. In the normal VENDIA marine plank all the cross veneers are 1.2 mm thick. Face veneer thickness is 1.5 mm in both, normal VENDIA and VENDIA Pro. All the veneers are sliced.

First comments from the boatbuilders who have tested VENDIA Pro have been very positive. As one of the boatbuilders said: “I don’t know how a marine plank could be any better.”

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