August 28, 2014

Let us introduce the VENDIA manufacturing path


Raw material used in VENDIA marine plank is butt logs from old grown Finnish pine. A good quality raw material is the most important part of VENDIA. Whereas ideal soil, clean air, clear water and slow growth are the key factors of high quality raw material.

A good quality raw material and sliced veneers make VENDIA beautiful and durable.


Since the high quality raw material is the key factor of VENDIA, is careful harvesting and log sorting an important step in VENDIA manufacturing path.  The wood is good quality and sturdy butt logs from PEFC certified forests.


We have modern production line, professional personnel and the desire to produce the best product to boatbuilders. Producing a good product for wooden boatbuilding includes many stages until finished product is delivered to customers. The first step is log debarking and 72 hours cooking in 90 degrees (194 °F). Then the logs are sliced into veneers and dried. After that the veneers are clipped and spliced into its’ shape. After that the veneers are glued and pressed, rib sawed, cut and sanded into its’ final shape. Final step is quality control and packing. Now VENDIA marine plank is ready to be send to customers.

4. VENDIA marine plank

These are the components of VENDIA marine plank.

We hope that you will like our VENDIA marine plank product!

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